Arts & Letters

The National Commission on Arts and Letters was established in 1973 by National President Lillian Benbow. The mission of the Arts and Letters Committee of the Augusta  Alumnae Chapter (AACDST) is directly aligned with that of the National Commission on Arts and Letters. The AACDST Arts & Letters Committee strives to boldly advance the black experience by highlighting the artistic contributions of African-American people of the past and present elevating them to public attention through the medium of music, dance, drama, and poetry.

The committee promotes worthwhile cultural endeavors and artists through activities and events such as Delta Red Carpet/theatre outings, concerts, plays, book clubs, painting, and artists’ showcases.




The major Initiatives of the National Commission on Arts and Letters are Delta Red Carpet (supports films produced and performed by African-Americans featuring positive stories); Deltas See Television (DSTv) which supports African-American network and cable television shows and movies; Music Ministry (a database of professional musicians); Delta Authors on Tour (DAOT); and Pride in our Heritage.

AACDST is committed to bringing forth those activities and events that affect, positively reflect, or uplift the African-American community.